LPR application is easy and fast-to-install on a simple IP-camera

With ELSA LPR you will be able to produce a series of LPR cameras at still affordable price and stay competitive in traffic control market and large network projects

Check how it works directly on camera

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Available for following chipsets:

S2, S3, S5, CV22, H22
HI3516, HI3535, HI3519, Hi3559
QCS 603/605

Available for following cameras:

Type IP
Resolution from 2 MP

ELSA key features:

Recognition algorithm operating on board IP camera

Fast integration cycle (7 DAY)

Accuracy is >95%

Vehicle speed up to 250 km/h
up to 4 lanes (on fast chipsets)

Technical support

Supported countries by request

Availibility to add vehicle make, model and color recognition


Possible solutions based on ELSA:

Parking solution

Vehicle access control systems

Traffic monitoring

What you get with ELSA

Production of a series of LPR cameras at affordable price

Cameras sales increase

Access to traffic control market (parking, safe city, high roads) and big network projects

Proven quality LPR solution for the European and CIS markets

Time saving at the start: fast integration and possibility to provide a demo for customer check

A quick check for a new region availability globally

6 steps to get ELSA

1 -› NDA

2 -› Commercial Talks

3 -› Tech parameters confirmation

4 -› Signed Agreement

5 -› Invoice

6 -› Implementation

Scene requirements:

license plate is more than 130px in width

license plate is readable

vertical angle is less than 30°

horizontal angle is no more 30°

tilt angle is less than 5°

Useful stuff:

Questions about ELSA LPR?

Oleksandra Plakhota
FF Group Head of Sales
+380 95 155 7777